Lightweight Python tools for environmental simulation

EarthSim is a project for developing Python-based workflows for specifying, launching, visualizing, and analyzing environmental simulations, such as those for hydrology modeling. EarthSim is designed to be a lightweight project internally, relying on code and documentation primarily maintained in other, freely available, general-purpose SciPy and PyViz projects:

  • Bokeh: Interactive browser-based plotting.
  • HoloViews: Easy construction of Bokeh plots for datasets.
  • Datashader: Rendering large datasets into images for display in browsers.
  • Param: Specifying parameters of interest, e.g. to make widgets.
  • XArray: Processing gridded data structures.
  • GeoViews: HoloViews with earth-specific projections.

This website has three main sections:

  • Getting Started:
    How to install the code, notebooks, and data files needed for the examples.
  • User Guide:
    Usage information for the earthsim Python package, which contains a small amount of code specific to environmental simulation such as helper functions for annotating plots and specifying irregular meshes.
  • Topics:
    A set of Jupyter notebooks that show how to use the various PyViz tools together to solve earth-science problems, such as how to run various simulators.

If you have any notebooks showing how to use these tools to do useful work in environmental simulation, we’d love to add them to the Topics!

Please feel free to report issues or contribute code.